Stabilized Oxidizing Cream Chromoplus Colorica

Stabilized Oxidizing Cream emulsion, enriched with numerous active ingredients capable of protecting the hair during the coloring and bleaching services.
The Oxidizing Creams and the wide range of colors of Chromoplus Colorica line work in synergy, and from their union a fluid, consistent and homogeneous mixture is obtained, in a pH range between 9 and 11.
Paraben Free
Preservative Free
Silicone Free

VOLUMES AVAILABLE: 5 Vol., 10 Vol., 20 Vol., 30 Vol., 40 Vol.



Wheat germ oil
Particularly rich in nutrients to facilitate the germination and growth of the plant, it nourishes hair deep down. Enriched in vitamin E, it is also renowned for its anti-oxidant action.

Volcanic Water
Spring water, enriched by precious minerals renowned for their revitalizing properties.


Mixing ratio
1 : 1 ½
That is to say: 1 part of Chromoplus Colorica + 1 ½ part of Chromoplus Colorica Stabilized Oxidizing Cream.

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