The professional colouring treatment with a highly cosmetic formula that contains natural ingredients.

The wide but essential range of shampoos and treatments extraordinarily designed to satisfy all hair and scalp needs. The natural mediterranean ingredients and the sustainable packaging make Naturica the best choice in order to take care of the hair respecting the environmental.

The real pure and natural finishing rinse for the hair. The volcanic water eliminates toxins and heavy elements deposited on the hair, and makes your hair shinier.

The hair straightening treatment created with natural ingredients, for a long lasting straight hair.


Combined Anti-ageing Hair Restructuring System.

CROMEARTH is the latest generation of natural pigmented Masks at acid pH that renew and support hair cosmetic and natural color reflexes. Their concentrated formula enables the creation of a real custom-made enhancer with its range of 7 Masks and 1 Neutral, that work on color to intensify, tone, correct and re-pigment hair, for a very personalized color experience. All of them can be mixed to match the final desidered color effect.

The new haircare product line made with the unique Opuntia Oil, a very rare and precious oil extracted from pure seeds and cladodes of mediterranean prickly pears.

The innovative line of professional reflection micro-spray for hair brightening to renew and light up the hair colour. The practical and fast application, provides instant shine to any chromatic colour, even natural.

The innovative biological formula with high power waving, allows you to give the hair a soft form, natural, well-defined and durable.

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