Color nuance

Distinctive characteristics of Colordem:

Acid pH: it guarantees a coloring product that respect the physiology of hair.
Without ammonia: a far less aggressive coloring service.
Long lasting colour: rich and vibrant colours for over 8 weeks.
Exceptionally pure colours: changes in colour shades over time have been greatly reduced.

Demi Color
Colordem’s exclusive formula contains extremely pure oxidation pigments and reduced quantities of direct pigments of certified quality, this has made it possible to offer a range of exciting shades with no risk of colour change.
The range is made of 16 reflex series, plus the family of Intensifiers and Clear, for a total of 37 ready tones, reaching up to 51 shades in the color chart, including tones achieved with a given mixing formula.

Size: 100 ml

Colordem combines, in synergy with the color deposit, a high cosmetic effect thanks to the extraordinary combination of nutrient raw materials for the hair fiber. As a result, the hair is soft, shiny, hydrated and fortified.


Opuntia oil extract


Aloe Vera


Volcanic Water


Colordem, special award for
The best shining and long lasting color.

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