Chromoplus Colorica Colour Cream

Ethic with passion. The real beauty treatment 100% vegan.

Chromoplus Colorica, the first hair permanent color 100% vegan, dermatologically tested and up to 94% naturally derived ingredients.
A latest-generation hair color, suitable for the most sensitive and delicate scalp, free of: PPD (parafenilendiamina), Resorcinol, COCAMIDE DEA (cocamidedietanolammide), SLES (sodio laurileteresolfato), PEG (glicole polietilenico), Propylene Glycol, Parabens.

Chromoplus Colorica features are:
– Formula free of potentially irritating ingredients, responsible for several adverse reactions recorded.
– Formula 100% vegan and cruelty free.
– Dermatologically tested formula, for a delicate and safe color service on the skin.
– Up to 94% naturally derived ingredients, for textures and performances that are clearly superior compared to other colors.
– ShieldP17 technology for a barrier effect on the skin.
– Ammonia odor less formula.
– 99% pure pigments, to ensure accurate color reproducibility in all 106 shades.
– Volcanic water at the base of every Rica product.



Mullein flower extract
With strong luminescent properties, absorbs UV radiations avoiding oxidative stress and protecting hair and color from fading for a sensational 3D effect.

Marula oil
Penetrates deeply into the upper layer of the dermis and into the cuticles, to hydrate and fortify skin and hair.

Quinoa hydrolyzate
Particularly nourishing and revitalizing thanks to its high content of proteins and amino acids.

Shield P17 Skin barrier
The formulation is also enriched with Shield P17®, which guarantees a barrier effect on skin.

Complex of natural extracts of rice and soy which, thanks to their anti-radical effect, it protects the hair from damage from UV radiation and pollution.

Volcanic Water
Spring water, enriched by precious minerals renowned for their revitalizing properties.



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