Activator 2

Distinctive characteristics of Colordem:

Acid pH: it guarantees a coloring product that respect the physiology of hair.
Without ammonia: a far less aggressive coloring service.
Long lasting colour: rich and vibrant colours for over 8 weeks.
Exceptionally pure colours: changes in colour shades over time have been greatly reduced.

Activator 2
Activator 2 – Powered colour – is an oxidising cream especially formulated to be mixed to Colordem tones in a 1:1 ratio. Activator 2 mixed to Colordem shades creates a system with an acid pH suitable to colour, revive and emphasize colour, giving 1-2 tones of lightening, thus respecting the natural physiology of the hair.

Size: 900 ml


Colordem combines, in synergy with the color deposit, a high cosmetic effect thanks to the extraordinary combination of nutrient raw materials for the hair fiber. As a result, the hair is soft, shiny, hydrated and fortified.


Opuntia oil extract


Aloe Vera


Volcanic Water


Colordem, special award for
The best shining and long lasting color.

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